Montebianco 2 mountaineering sunglasses with Reactive High Mountain 2-4 Polarised Lens are the perfect ally for admiring stunning landscapes.

The Montebianco 2 has an improved fit and comfort with new Grip Tech temples, a non-slip nose bridge, adjustable silicone cord and removable side shields.

Reactiv High Mountain photochromic 2-4 polarised lens is designed for optimal UV protection and perfect vision in high-altitude, high-UV environments. It is made with NTS (non-temperature-sensitive) technology to ensure fast photochromic activation even at extreme cold temperatures. Inferior photochromic lenses will stop activating in cold temperatures. The Reactiv High Mountain lens has anti-fog treatment on the interior.

  • Total coverage
  • Curved Grip Tech temples
  • Nose Grip
  • Removable side shields
  • Includes adjustable silicone cord
  • Made in France
  • Ideal use: Mountaineering
  • Size: Medium to large faces
  • Lens: Reactiv High Mountain 2-4
  • Lens curve: Base 8
  • Measurements: 56, 15, 125