Equipment for Backcountry Snow Adventures

Snowshoes   Choose from a vast selection of the latest models. "try before you buy" PLUS guided tours. We have over 50 pairs of various brands and models in hire and an extensive fleet of demo model snowshoes for your to 'try before you buy' from companies like Crescent Moon, Northern Lites, MSR, Salomon among others.

Telemark Ski's   Whether you want to carve up the groomers or explore the backcountry we have the latest in ski's, boots and bindings "demo" gear.  

For lessons from professional & qualified Telemark instructors for ALL levels & skills contact our Perisher store where we have the terrain & staff plus equipment.

Alpine Touring   Specialty ski's with the latest and light FRITSCHI bindings and NAXO which you can use your own Alpine ski boots with or use try the new Dynafit system (super lightweight and responsive) which we hire boots and skis with. Also "try before you buy" & guiding available.

Snowboarding   We have a range of appropriate snowshoe's, shovels, EPIRB's which we also have available for Hire.  Guides to get to the freshest snow and terrain. (Split Boards are available for hire from Jindy Snow)

Backcountry safety gear   We have available for hire a number of items for safe travel in the backcountry. KTI EPIRB's; GPS; Tracker Beacons; IceBox snow shelters; Wilderness Engineering sleds; lots of unique items.

Gear for Skiing and Backcountry Touring   If you are travelling north, we have a huge selection of equipment and accessories PLUS advice for guided tours, courses and expeditions; Rentals of hard to get equipment to ensure you have the best equipment you need for your journey.

Outdoor equipment and accessories PLUS guided tours & courses tailored to your needs.

Climbing & Abseiling  We have a selection of climbing equipment and accessories PLUS guided tours & courses;

Camping Gear  We have a vast selection of equipment & give you an opportunity to "Try before you buy" PLUS guided tours;

Mountain Bike  We can give you some information & insights into the local places to ride and explore. Lots of accessories!