Designed to deliver top backcountry performance, we’ve built the men’s FLEX VRT snowshoe with a Tubbs DynamicFit™ binding and Boa® closure system that’ll keep you on your feet in fine-tuned, all-day comfort. Once tension is distributed evenly around your foot and our FLEX Tail™ design kicks in to ease stress on your joints, you’ll climb on – carefree – with the Tubbs FLEX VRT.

Dimensions: 8” x 24”

- Weight/Pair: 2.04 kg
- Frame: Flex Deck
- Decking: Flex Tail Decking,Torsion Decking
- Articulation: R1.5 Rotating Toe Cord
- Control: DynamicFit™ Binding
- Traction: Traction Rails,Viper 2.0 Toe Crampon
- Uses Boa: Yes

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Tagged: Backcountry, Hiking, Snowshoes

Vendor: TUBBS


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