Want a ski that can float effortlessly through powder, but is still versatile enough to ski on hardpack? Ladies, look no further than the Liberty Envy Powder Skis.

Liberty utilizes a long and subtle tip rocker combined with a 105 mm waist width to turn the Envy Powder into a snow-slaying machine that will go anywhere. Easy turn initiation is derived from the Stealth Rocker in the tip, and a cambered tail allows you to power through turns with no washout.


Bamboo Backbone – Every Liberty ski features a hand-made, bamboo/poplar laminate core that is light, strong, lively and eco-friendly. Each core and flex pattern is fine tuned for the intended application, but starts with the strength and durability of bamboo to provide a dependably energetic ride, time after time. If you've never ridden a bamboo-core ski, definitely give it a try.

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