Skeats™ Claws are for those looking for a more aggressive Skeats™ skin cleat combined with a minimalist ski crampon. The longer, angled back, front ascent points are paired with even longer side points to aid skiers and splitboarders in navigating steep switchbacks and traversing variable snow and ice. 

Skeats™ Claws will benefit any skill level. For the beginner, steeper slopes and kick turns are easy to master. For the expert, extra grip insurance on critical sections gives peace of mind. 

Skeats™ Claws help overcome ski and splitboard limitations. If your ski/splitboard has a short-radius sidecut or rocker you lose edge and skin traction. Skeats™ Claws get you that traction back and more. 

If splitboarding, the use of conventional “soft” snowboard boots limit your ability to apply edge pressure. Use Skeats™ Claws to gain back edge grip when sidehilling. The Skeats™ Claws give splitboarders the ability to traverse like skiers. Keep the group together! 

Skeats™ Claws are small and packable and can just live in your backpack. You can pack them in an old sunglasses case or simply stow in a hip pouch.

As a bonus, you will always have two 20” Skeats™ branded Voile straps with you that can be removed from the Skeats™ and used independently for any repair/first aid needs.

In emergency situations the Skeats™ Claws can also be used as emergency boot crampons on stiff sole mountaineering and snowboard boots. Skeats™ Claws are NOT intended as a replacement for mountaineering boot crampons and are only to be used as a last resort to help reach safer terrain. Practice with them in safe terrain and never over any life threatening exposure. Carry proper mountaineering boot crampons on tours requiring them. 

Skeats™ are also the perfect option for people who use more than one width of ski, more than one type of binding, more than one splitboard, or who both ski tour and splitboard. 


The mounting position should be just behind the tour mode toe piece; please measure the width of your skis/splitboard halves at the recommended mounting location to determine the best size that will work for you. For skis this is near your waist width, for splitboards this is near half the waist width.

  1. The Skeats™ Claws 85mm are for mounting position widths from 85mm to 109mm. 
  2. The Skeats™ Claws 110mm are for mounting position widths from 110mm to 130/135mm. These are the most packable option for most splitboards with a mid waist from 220mm to 270mm; so a 110mm to 135mm split ski width. 
  3. The Skeats™ Claws 130mm are for mounting position widths from 130mm to 155+mm for wider splitboards, powder surfer splits and some approach skis. For splitboarders, the Skeats™ Claws can also be mounted biased to your weaker short radiused edges, so you do not need the size super close to your mounting width and can downsize to the 110mm for packability.

** Strap colour may differ from that shown in photo **

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