Absolute power transmission from boot to ski with the exceptional alpine heel jaw.

In the back, where the forces are highest, the Tecton remains as stable and precise as an alpine binding. The hold-down system with a non-turning alpine heel jaw and the rail transmits the power directly from the boot to the ski without any loss. The Tecton equals both the performance and the safety of alpine bindings. Any unwanted release is prevented by the long dynamic path. The binding reliably releases at the DIN setting. The easy step-in and the intuitive control provide security, especially in challenging terrain. The right mix of light high-tech synthetics and high-quality metal alloys provides superior stability at a low weight (only 550 g / unit).

The Tecton now offers a DIN adjustment range up to 13 and thus even more power and safety in powder. The well-defined combination of power and functionality demonstrates the sophisticated technology it contains, down to the last detail.

Ninety-nine percent of the components are made in Switzerland and assembled into high-quality products in Reichenbach.


  • DIN: 5-13
  • Ski Width: > 70mm
  • Weight: 550g / unit without ski brake
  • Brakes: Available in 90, 100, 110, 120mm wide - 80g / unit
  • Comes with: changeable colour clips so you can match to the olour of the skis or boots according to the skier's personal taste. Fitted standar with blue, enclosed are lime & black




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