Taking kids out into the backcountry while they're still young can be a rewarding, exciting process, but doing so requires the right mix of equipment, weather, and snacks.
While pin tech bindings and boots have yet to be scaled down for the smallest kids, Contour has a solution that bridges the mechanical gap between the wee ones and the backcountry.
The StartUp adaptor clips into traditional alpine bindings, and traditional alpine boots clip into the adaptor to create an uphill ascension system that mimics AT bindings. Included in this kit are trimmable 95mm wide Contour skins that can be cut to fit skis up to 140cm long, with the skins being made of the same 65/35 mohair/synthetic blend that many other adult Contour skins are made from.
We can't promise that they'll be breaking FKT's and putting up 10k vert before work with this gear, but starting them in the backcountry while they're young could lead to a lifelong hobby. Plus, preparing some future trailbreakers helps everyone!


• The adaptors weigh just shy of 850g per pair, and pack up compactly to fit neatly inside your pack for the descent.
• With the range to fit boot sole lengths between 245-305mm, the adaptor can adjust to a growing kid (or kids).
• Trimmable skins can be cut to fit any youth ski, and once cut will function just like adult skins.
• Not included: thermos of hot chocolate, fruit snacks, sandwich, and pack of tissues.
Read what Andrew McLean From Straight Chuter thought Here http://straightchuter.com/contour-start-up-kids-touring-adapters/




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