Innovative split skin for wide freeride skis – extremely lightweight, extra small pack size, for use on a range of ski widths from 95 mm +.
The hybrid FAT free is the natural progression of our free climbing skins for extra-wide freeride skis (waists 108 mm +).
With two wider strips for extra traction, the hybrid FAT free skins can tackle tough ascents on the fattest of skis.


The tip fix and tail clip hold the skin firmly in place and mean the skins are length-adjustable (they can be used on different length skis).
And there’s no need to trim the skins.


Our unique hybrid adhesive technology is made up of two different layers of technical glue which together create both a perfect bond between the glue and the back of the skin as well as perfect tack on the ski base.
BUT: It is very important to check the adhesive layer regularly and clean it if necessary.
Dust, dirt and ski wax residue do affect the adhesive performance and require the hybrid adhesive to be cleaned.


Tip: Use hybrid cleaning spray for removal of stubborn dirt or wax residue on hyrid adhesive.


• 65% mohair blend
• Adhesive: Hybrid
• Tip Attachment: Tip clip
• Tail Attachment: Tail clip

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