The Swix Elite Tradition cross-country ski poles are an awesome choice for progressing Nordic enthusiasts who are looking for something a bit nicer and mor user-friendly for longer ski tours and a variety of ski conditions and terrain. These poles are very well-rounded and balanced-suitable for a huge range of applications and skier types. Best suited for looser conditions, both on and off the track, the Swix Elite Tradition features a wider, more adventure-oriented basket that will not sink in the soft snow, still providing you purchase and grip to get the pole to stay on top of the snow and keep you efficient in your forward movements out on the trail. In the grip, the urethane handle is laminated with cork material, and this makes for a comfortable and warm grip for a variety of weather conditions. This makes the Swix Elite Tradition one of the more comfortable poles to hold on the market at its level, and this is more important than you may think, especially from a warmth standpoint, as cork does not hold cold like rubber or plastic grips do. With a shaped strap that's adjustable for pinpoint wrist contact, these poles will feel like they're just an extension of your body, and will allow for further and longer skiing both in and out of the Nordic center.


  • Cork Filled Urethane Handle
  • Large Basket
  • Aluminum Shaft
  • Shaped Strap
  • Ability Level: Intermediate Skiers


Vendor: SWIX