If you are a parent, you have probably been there. Ready to hit the trail for a day of snowshoeing with the family and someone’s snowshoe just fell off in “the deep stuff”.
Or, you witness a few too many “faceplants” due to shoes that are designed like a cookie cutter rather than something for your children to snowshoe on.
Well, not with Northern Lites Youth models.
Designed with the same high strength and light weight frame and decking as our adult shoes as well as our easy to use and proven Tru-Trak binding system, our Youth & Kids models will allow your children to run, walk, hop, skip and jump their way through the snow. Just try to keep up with them!
Our youth and kids snowshoes are ultralight and highly durable. Making snowshoeing easy and accessible for the entire family is our goal at Northern Lites Snowshoes, that is why we manufacture snowshoes for all ages and skills. Light snowshoes for kids makes the journey enjoyable and easy, allowing your kids to enjoy the outdoors and now worry what is on their feet.


• Tan Deck on a Blazin' Blue Frame
• 18cm x 23cm’s and 907g/pr.
• For youth up to 36kgs
• Running, hopping, skipping and exploring.

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