For technical snowshoeing and for extremely icy and rocky conditions, the Dura-Alum cleats used in our standard snowshoes may not provde the needed traction.
In response to requests from our customers, we developed the Predator models incorporating a highly aggressive, stainless steel cleat system. These cleats are actually quite similar to ice climbing crampons, modified to work with the flotation of a snowshoe deck. They are perfect for the challenging conditions of extreme snowshoeing.
As expected, these cleats are a bit heavier than our standard cleats but still weigh less than any other comparable snowshoe.
In the event of damage to the cleats, these are user-replaceable and also backwards compatible with our standard cleats. We even include a set of our standard cleats in the event you want to save weight on less challenging excursions.


• Black Decking on a Black Frame
• 9.5"x32" and 67 oz/pr. (49 oz/pr with the standard cleats installed)
• Surface Area 258in2
• For Users Packing in excess of 250 lbs. total weight.
• Mountaineering, Search and Rescue, Heaviest Loads, Extreme Conditions.

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