International Standards approved for use on all safety appliances (made to SOLAS 74/83. Ce En394 approved). This patented Pealess Whistle is the most piercing in its class.

This model is used on most Commercial and Leisure Lifejackets around the world.

  • Moulded clip for pocket or pouch
  • Patented jam/lock design for secure cord attachment.
  • The perfect, trouble-free, no-maintenance survival accessory for home and office emergency kits or to carry (on a key ring maybe).
  • This whistle takes less effort and energy to produce a louder, penetrating audible sound than can ever be achieved vocally.
  • An effective deterrent against assailants and frightening phone calls.
  • Because it isĀ pealess, the safety whistle will always work.


Vendor: MISC


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