Renew the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish of any water proof fabric with Grangers new Acrylic Polymer Technology.
This is a non-Fluorocarbon formulation that closely matches the levels of repellency and durability previously only offer by C6 chemistry.
Wash-in formulation to be used in domestic washing machines to renew surface water repellency of fabrics. Treats up to 6 garments.
Great air dry performance but durability is improved if the care label of the garment permits tumble drying.
Must be used on a clean garment after washing with a specific technical wash such as Performance Wash.
Breathability of the fabric will be restored to its original specification.

• Air dry performance- restores waterproofing without tumble drying
• Maximises breathability
• Recommended for Gore-tex , eVent and all waterproof breathable clothing
• 300ml bottle
• Clothing Repel utlilises Acrylic Polymer Technology.
APT is a Granger's formulated blend of synthetic fluorocarbon-free polymers developed to provide a highly breathable DWR finish which closely matches the real world water repellency and durability of existing fluorocarbon-based proofer

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