The Garmont Ener-G is a stiff, burly boot for all-mountain free-heel skiing. It has a streamlined walk mechanism that is well-protected and easy to use, with a spoiler for a close fit and increased leverage. It is a very aggressive boot, suitable for steep slopes, high-speed freeriding on- and off-piste, racing, and ski mountaineering.

The cuff has two forward lean positions it can lock into – 19 degrees and 24 degrees. It also unlocks to a “walk” position.
Weight is about 1850g
Buckles on the cuff have a telescoping “Touring Clip” to secure it in wide-open position (for walking or storage).
Buckle catches on the cuff can be adjusted to shorten or lengthen the distance the buckle has to reach – depending on your calves.

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