The 2003 fires in Kosciuszko National Park, destroyed 23 huts and did enormous environmental damage. But they had some beneficial side effects. By clearing the undergrowth they revealed things which had been hidden or forgotten. This book tells of the hut ruins, graves and other features which were found; and also the old dray tracks and bridle trails which were traced and recorded.

A real revelation was that the bridle trails and dray tracks, which had been used by graziers and miners for over 100 years, were very sensible routes, which are just as useful for bushwalkers today as they were to the old-timers then. Even if the tracks fade away, as many have, we now know where they went. That makes it a lot easier for us to traverse the same country.

This book gives precise details of routes and interesting locations. It makes recommendations for short and long walks in the Jagungal Wilderness.

Klaus Hueneke, author of “Huts of the High Country” and “Kiandra to Kosciusko” described it as

“The most detailed coverage of track and hut sites in the Jagungal Wilderness ever compiled. Chapter after chapter, map after map, reveal numerous routes and sites between Snowy Plain in the east and the Grey Mare Range to the west, and between Island Bend in the south and Happy Jacks Plain to the north.”

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