As mountain bikers, we require a few tools to accompany most of our rides.
In an effort to keep things organized and protected, we’ve designed the Tool Roll.
This handy roll-up pouch provides a secure place for every tool with zippered pockets for small and large items and a bungeed small-pump attachment.
A nylon work area creates clean space on a dirty trail and doubles as a protective layer when everything’s rolled tight.
Lightweight and durable, the tool roll is secured with a bungee cinch in transit, can be used in any pack, and is easily accessible at a moment’s notice.

+ Dual small tool zippered pockets
+ Large tool/tube zippered pocket
+ Bungee-webbed small-pump attachment
+ Nylon workspace and protective layer for tube when rolled
+ Bungee cinch to secure gear while rolled up and in transit

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Tagged: Mountain biking

Vendor: OSPREY


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