An evolution of the Classic binding. Both front and rear plastic harnesses are hinged from their respective retention posts and may be "opened" to facilitate attachment to the boot, then closed securely once the boot is inside.
The single strap closure system is so simple we may not need to provide instructions; the New Classic is therefore ideal for rental programs and first time users.
This system is simple and reliable, quick and easy, but it does take up a bit more space in the rucksack.

The new SKITOUR crampon, with its New Matic binding system, solves the problem of fitting modern ski-touring boots and also the new models with round toe parts without the front groove.
With Grivel proactive antibott system. Front part 6 points in steel, rear part with 4 points in light alloy. It comes with a Grivel Crampon Safe.
$239.95 X


Vendor: GRIVEL