Optimize your skating performance with Xcelerator Super Skate Race. This binding is designed to fulfill your full skating potential, and will help you skate better and faster. With the unique Quick Lock system you move your binding to the perfect position, without using any tool! The wide housing gives you optimal transmission of power from boot to ski, and great balance in every kick.

The Xcelerator SSR gives you the optimal skating posistion. The extra wide housing gives you more power to the snow and the neutral footposition optimize your balance and control at the ski.

The Xcelerator SSR is developed and constructed to give the skier an optimal power transfer and high speed.

Rottefella's flex technology for Xcelerator skate makes it easy to personalize your binding. You can change flex for different conditions and your personal style. You can choose between three different flexes:

  1. Standard - black, for normal conditions
  2. Hard - blue, for cold conditions
  3. Soft - red, for warm conditions


    • Weight:  210 g
    • Width: 58.5 mm
    • Safety:  security lock in front
    • Opening angle: 40°
    • Boot size: 35-52 EU
    • Material: advanced plastic and stainless steel.
    • Compatability: Compatible with all NNN boots.

    *Note: Colours may differ slightly from photos.

    $135.00 $169.95


    Vendor: ROTTEFELLA