Boulder-based Crescent Moon Snowshoes turned heads at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in America with an unexpected take on the age-old invention.

The EVA is a rocker-shaped, foam snowshoe that promotes running on snowy terrain and weighs 765g per foot.

The unique rocker shape does away with the binding hinge found on other snowshoes.
The curve not only supports the natural stepping motion, but the foam material is malleable and responds more like a running shoe than a traditional snowshoe.

Unlike rigid aluminum or carbon snowshoes, the soft, upturned foam deck comfortably cruises over hard-packed snow and encourages agility.
Below deck, hard plastic cleats bite into icy terrain, providing plenty of grip, especially on hillsides.

The innovative design and overall comfort earned the Crescent Moon EVA our Best In Show award following OR’s winter market.

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