* Wiz was designed with children in mind; it's not only smaller than adult headlamps, it's thoroughly tested to stand up to kid-type abuse
* Elastic band has pull-away fittings so if a child catches it on a limb or door handle it simply comes apart under the pressure
* Lightweight Wiz has 2 LEDs and a dimming feature that allows you to set the light output; LEDs put out 16 lumens on high and throw light up to 12m
* LEDs cast even, white light and are nearly indestructible
* Headlamp automatically turns off after 4 hrs. to save battery life, in case a child falls asleep with it on or forgets to turn it off
* Tiltable housing lets the youngster adjust the natural direction of light to suit his or her needs
* Operates for up to 50 hrs. on low with 2 AAA batteries, included

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