Fischer BCX 6 backcountry ski boots provide a good support for ankles. The ergonomic plastic collar prevents lateral twisting. The Velcro fastening system + lacing facilitates control of the skis.

The flexibility of the sole Nnn Bc and front shoes makes a good place to walk.

The lightweight Fischer BCX 6 limit fatigue during a day of skiing and a feeling of comfort. Comfort is enhanced by the footwear lined with thick foam, insulating and warm (Thinsulate membrane).

Flex Cuff: ergonomic cuff for more side hold with good freedom of movement to the front and back. Even pressure distribution through EVA cushioning. Easy to adjust with Velcro fastener.
Injected Heel cap: anatomically formed plastic heel cap for an optimum fit.
Easy entry loops: practical entry loops and wide-opening designs guarantee that boots can be put on/taken off comfortably
Gaiter ring: fastening for all popular gaiter models for additional protection against the snow and wet conditions.
Velcro strap: fastening element for cuffs and instep straps, easy to handle and adjust.
Bc soles: optimum support in difficult terrain. Reliable walking thanks to non-slip profile.

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